Sunday, November 23, 2008

Well worn?

Many times in our lives we feel worn out, worn down or some such thing. I thought that the picture featuring worn would be more like a much loved thing and then I thought of Willie Nelson. He has a guitar that he has used all his life. Notice that he has worn a hole in the face of it while performing all those wonderful songs.

Life can be long and fruitful and Willie I think is a prime example and wish him well.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

An online thought of the day!

Every now and then during our regular activity on the net we do come across things that give us a positive moment, a cause to go hmmm or something like that. Well, this time I found this.....


find some art etc.

Put your own thought with it or your own poem or on your blog and leave link here..

This is at the Multiply site which also has suffered for my attention due to moving and scrambling for earnings and such. This caught my eye so I thought I might share my pic and thought and see what you might have to say, or maybe you could do something similiar at a site where you belong to already.

Here goes,

My wish is that we all get the chance to avoid the hassle and frazzle of holidays during the shopping, cooking, family and schedules. If you do end up frazzled and dazzled then I hope you can look good doing it. Find time for yourself, little moments that will give you the pause to collect and keep on your path winding through the holidays. Take care and laugh much.

Ok, you see how easy it can be. I hope you have very happy holidays.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Great Change: Into a Post Petroleum World

The Great Change: Into a Post Petroleum World

Since the world is becoming in an upheaval and folks have thought that oil is running out, here is a site where we can see combined information and even opinion along with ideas perhaps at living the best we can through whatever comes our way. I had a solar and wind powered home and am now back in a home where I can add that technology. I just hope the money comes along to buy it and have it installed before having to live in a sorry state if that happens.

As always, I hope this is interesting as I think it is for you. Thanks for reading and subscribing! Comments are always welcome!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

About a party!

Well I blogged about that party online that you could attend and it was a good time. Was a first time for me and thus an interesting thing to blog about. Business ladies get together in a neat evironment where we could select a photo and chat amongst ourself. They will have Bingo on Friday. I look forward to that.

The first lady spoke about her SweetNSassy shop. I found it to be a really great shop with nice items. Of course for being at the party we got a few incentives from the lovely lady. Check it out and you will see why I bookmarked it for future use.

The next lady spoke about Creative Scentations A really great place to get the best smelling items. I bookmarked that one also. Again great incentives were offered to the attending ladies at this party. Even if you are not into candles they have other items which fit your needs.

Ladies came and went all during this get together and I met some really wonderful people. I wish you could have attended as well.

The next lady 'speaker' told us about Mineralicious A site where the makeup is totally tailored to you. If you have some issues with store bought makeup then this site has much to offer. Tailor made if you will. Might as well be nice to your skin while looking your best.

The next lady spoke about Jordan Essentials Here you can find items that will give you a spa experience. A well based company that cares about its customers. Another site where you could fine some relief from any issues you have about skin and body care.

Now we had a very nice lady tell us about Chocolate. The Dove brand is availabe and well worth the look to have delivered to your home. This was new to me and am so glad that I was there. I am getting the candy molds since I lost all of mine in my housefire. See for yourself how awesome this site is.

I have a lady that I am associated with in my town where I live and so the Home and Garden Party was a welcome and familiar site that I was glad to see. Just got my invitation in the mail today to the local party with fun and good eats with the shopping. There are online specials that are worth keeping an eye out for on a regular basis.

Then we had Tupperware! This is a well and long established company that has so many new items and certain items that are being returned. I am excited to find the things I lost in the fire and will be replacing them. If you don't have a tupperware lady then check this out since the items are sturdy and long lived in the house.

Finally we had Rosey's Gifts
This site has wooden roses that are of every hue. Also impressive is the list of aromas that the roses come imbued with. The fragrance lasts a long time and are a great adornment in the home. Something else that I asked for further information on and received a chance at winning a handful of those roses. They also have other items however wooden roses are the biggest thing thus far.

So a good time was had by all and I am very appreciative of the Admin of the homebiz network that I have been in contact with. She is awesome in her own right.

Christmas is coming and so I offer these interesting and most notable of ventures that we can take advantage of or even join if looking for making a dollar. Yes even these ventures take folks to help spread their wonderful items. Happy Shopping!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Party time!!

I get around the net like most of us do and am glad you stopped by and are perhaps one of my subscribers. I have another friend other than the art lady which is a super cool chick I must say. This latest entry is for the other friend which is a multi tasking lady that has a party system. Here is here entry she sent to me and I am sharing it with you!

Good Morning Ladies! Today is the auction at party room at 1PM est. Would love to see you all there. Lots of HUGE discounted items, I think you will be surprised. we have over 80 items up for auctions, so please come join us, this will be a terrific way to start your Christmas shopping. If you would like to join us as a seller plz send me a msg and we will take care of it NOW! Questions about the auction, YIM crafter6901 Plz Pass this around! TY

So you see I a passing it around. Christmas is a good thing to shop a bit by bit for so we are not so rushed during social party season. Good deals can be had and so I look forward to seeing new names and perhaps it will lead you to a profitable association or just plain good deals.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cellphone income for you?

Amazing things can be found all over the place if we just look. Cellphones are becoming more and more common and so you might wish to check this out. . At this link there is a FAQ at the bottom you can get more information from too.

Wireless is the link my friend gave me to share with you since I offered to blog for him. I do not have a cellphone since my land line is cheaper by far. Being unemployed and striving to get my income online now my blog will get more attention.

There is a video to watch if you are interested though the first link in this blog has a nice thing to watch. WirelessRep and is the other link he gave me to use in this blog.

You might think about this if you are way into technology and many of your friends use cell phones. Good luck in finding out if this is an opportunity that you might make some cash from.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The price of fuel has me thinking, what about you.

The ridiculous gas prices continue to fluctuate and are a part of the political campaigns now. I have found it a new thing when I am trolling about the web and attending some of the sites I regularly do that they are offering gas cards. Well if we do things online, like try things out and buy items we are interested in, that we would normally do anyway, I think that they can be a great addition to the 'money' we make online to help our real world lives at the following and other sites for gas cards.

Check out this site!!! Exxon Mobil Gas Card

For my Canadian friends!! Check it out! $500 Gas Card

Here is one for the United Kingdom for my friends there. Check it out! The Fuel Card Company

Finally for my Australian Friends. Check this one out! Giveaway Cafe

So hopefully this is not the least of all the chances for us to put our hard earned dollars to use keeping our vehicles fueled up. Unless I get a real job I will not be buying a hybrid since the cost will out of reach for me and mine. If you are like me then we can use these cards to get about when we have to drive.

Other sites offered as comments are truly welcomed. Let us help one another.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pinhole Eyeglasses an option for you?

OK, My newest post is an additional information for eye correction. Received a comment about pinhole eyeglasses and of course having not used them I looked them up. All things come with pros and cons. Well, this is what I found.....

Pinhole eyeglasses are easy to get, no prescription needed. They last a really long time comparatively to prescription eyeglasses and contacts. As usual they are not for everyone since thankfully we are all unique individuals. We cannot use them in dim light or while driving. Impairing our vision is never a good idea while driving or working with machinery. Although watching television or while computing they can be very handy. Their use as sunglasses is also mentioned.

I found in trolling the web for these particular and interesting glasses that they are also called Stenopeic eyeglasses. Often used to treat cataracts by Eye doctors. Being plastic or metal in a honeycombed pattern.

Personally I like to get my eyes checked by a professional so that I have an idea of what is going on with my eyes. I do not have health insurance at this time and find that getting my eyes checked which is affordable still and getting my prescription in my hand, important since I am bifocaled now, I can exercise my right to choose where I get my glasses and how much I pay. If I wished contacts would be an option to consider.

They can be bought online here a few places: , Amerimark, Beauty Boutique, and the Feel Good Store. There are more places I am sure however, these will get you started if you wish.

So this is an interesting item to post. I learned from one of you, my readers, and appreciate that very much. I could post more if I had more input from you as it has worked out here.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Corrective Eyewear!

Having gotten my glasses online at and saved money doing so. Just a bit over 100 dollars for my well complemented wire framed glasses which also happened to be bifocals. I have happened to come across where you can get contacts online and save money the same way.

It is They have 70 per cent off and many if not all name brands. They are a secure site and BizRate has an icon there. Says Shopzilla Gold Merchant when I hover the mouse pointer over it.

If the question has popped into your mind while reading, the answer is that you can get your eyes checked and prescription written local and then come online to order your glasses or contacts. Very easy to do and you are legally allowed to walk out of the EyeDoctors office with prescription in hand for corrective lenses.

While gas prices are undulating at a high level and we all strive to live a normal life while negotiating our bills and food purchases, it is good to save money on the necessary things that many of us need to live a daily life.

Next time you need glasses or contacts... Check them out and save some dough!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Helping our service men and women!

I have come across a site where we can support or military men and women in keeping connected to us here at home. Check it out.
The USO is still working and I find it to be a real good way to be a part of this military action whether you agree with it or not. Our folks that are over there need us to help them make it home again. A small way to help them and reach out to help.
Easy to contribute and a good idea since they are not any government, they are an estblished agency that provides even toiletries and things that the brave men and women need. Consider it and I hope the war!? ends soon!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 stores

Having been a member of Ebay for a number of years and do some things on which is another offshoot of Ebay I have discovered something. I have a store. Check it out! There are books of many types I have listed and it might motivate you to discover other "stores" on to save some money.
I have been paid fairly regularly by right to my bank account and that sure helps me to keep a bit ahead so I am a good banking customer. Being unemployed this is a nice thing to have occuring while I keep searching for that job where I can be of value and contribute to my home and family. I am a second income so that makes it nice and a bit less stressful.
Well, thanks for reading and I hope this interesting tidbit helps you to stretch those shopping dollars a bit more. Kind of necessary at this time of high fuel and food prices.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Well, this is something!

I am very active on the web and over time some sites kind of fall by the way side. I just got a notice from where I had a warning and then boom a termination notice. So having sent them an email saying ok, I just talked about what was going on in my life and that mentioned the things I do online and that must be what is the problem. I told them most of the people that contacted me were out for sex talk and stuff and I found that harrassment. I do have a few friends that I had there that I keep in touch with elsewhere so that is not a problem there.
I just checked and it is listed as banned. hahahaha I made the last entry a year ago. They sure are on the ball.

Personally I think my lack of activity and the fact I did not pay to upgrade and stayed free irked them. So sad that they lost one lady and maybe a few more and the site will be more populated with perverted types. Oh well, like I said I did not go there anymore and even this blog had been on the back burner.

You see I had to work in the real world more since I lost the part time job I had worked at for a long time that made enough to keep this second income contributing.

Have been working as a temp and inteviewing fairly frequently but nothing real yet. I am interviewing this morning for a new custodial job. I think my girlfriend and I will work together again and that is great for both of us. We work so well together the job gets done and no complaints. Nice when that happens and it can be a benefit to any company.

Well, hopefully I will get this blog going again and I really do hope life is treating you kind. Being Banned is a such a negative thing. Just wanted to remind you all that the net is littered with such bad things. May you have much luck in keeping away from the sites and people online that are just not good for any of us.

Thank you for reading.