Wednesday, May 21, 2008 stores

Having been a member of Ebay for a number of years and do some things on which is another offshoot of Ebay I have discovered something. I have a store. Check it out! There are books of many types I have listed and it might motivate you to discover other "stores" on to save some money.
I have been paid fairly regularly by right to my bank account and that sure helps me to keep a bit ahead so I am a good banking customer. Being unemployed this is a nice thing to have occuring while I keep searching for that job where I can be of value and contribute to my home and family. I am a second income so that makes it nice and a bit less stressful.
Well, thanks for reading and I hope this interesting tidbit helps you to stretch those shopping dollars a bit more. Kind of necessary at this time of high fuel and food prices.

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