Monday, March 23, 2009

My 5 dollar meal

Hello, I found a site where I could be picked for a grand recognition about a 5 dollar meal. So here I go.

Cooked up Kielbasa Sausage which I bought for 2.29, then added the lima beans frozen bought at 1.54 and corn bought for .95 frozen. Added some water from the free spring down the road and then not sure if you count the energy.

Four cups of milk so that is half a gallon, if counted that adds .94 cents to the meal since we bought the milk at 1.89 a gallon. Used half the gallon.

So let me see, 2.29, 1.54, .95 = 4.78 or 5.72 counting the drink.

This fed two teen agers and my hubby as well as me. There was even a bit of leftovers. For lunch today. is the site where I am doing that challenge. Check it out and maybe you can find ways to extend your food purchasing dollars too!