Tuesday, September 9, 2008

About a party!

Well I blogged about that party online that you could attend and it was a good time. Was a first time for me and thus an interesting thing to blog about. Business ladies get together in a neat evironment where we could select a photo and chat amongst ourself. They will have Bingo on Friday. I look forward to that.

The first lady spoke about her SweetNSassy shop. I found it to be a really great shop with nice items. Of course for being at the party we got a few incentives from the lovely lady. Check it out and you will see why I bookmarked it for future use.

The next lady spoke about Creative Scentations A really great place to get the best smelling items. I bookmarked that one also. Again great incentives were offered to the attending ladies at this party. Even if you are not into candles they have other items which fit your needs.

Ladies came and went all during this get together and I met some really wonderful people. I wish you could have attended as well.

The next lady 'speaker' told us about Mineralicious A site where the makeup is totally tailored to you. If you have some issues with store bought makeup then this site has much to offer. Tailor made if you will. Might as well be nice to your skin while looking your best.

The next lady spoke about Jordan Essentials Here you can find items that will give you a spa experience. A well based company that cares about its customers. Another site where you could fine some relief from any issues you have about skin and body care.

Now we had a very nice lady tell us about Chocolate. The Dove brand is availabe and well worth the look to have delivered to your home. This was new to me and am so glad that I was there. I am getting the candy molds since I lost all of mine in my housefire. See for yourself how awesome this site is.

I have a lady that I am associated with in my town where I live and so the Home and Garden Party was a welcome and familiar site that I was glad to see. Just got my invitation in the mail today to the local party with fun and good eats with the shopping. There are online specials that are worth keeping an eye out for on a regular basis.

Then we had Tupperware! This is a well and long established company that has so many new items and certain items that are being returned. I am excited to find the things I lost in the fire and will be replacing them. If you don't have a tupperware lady then check this out since the items are sturdy and long lived in the house.

Finally we had Rosey's Gifts
This site has wooden roses that are of every hue. Also impressive is the list of aromas that the roses come imbued with. The fragrance lasts a long time and are a great adornment in the home. Something else that I asked for further information on and received a chance at winning a handful of those roses. They also have other items however wooden roses are the biggest thing thus far.

So a good time was had by all and I am very appreciative of the Admin of the homebiz network that I have been in contact with. She is awesome in her own right.

Christmas is coming and so I offer these interesting and most notable of ventures that we can take advantage of or even join if looking for making a dollar. Yes even these ventures take folks to help spread their wonderful items. Happy Shopping!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Party time!!

I get around the net like most of us do and am glad you stopped by and are perhaps one of my subscribers. I have another friend other than the art lady which is a super cool chick I must say. This latest entry is for the other friend which is a multi tasking lady that has a party system. Here is here entry she sent to me and I am sharing it with you!

Good Morning Ladies! Today is the auction at www.mandkgiftsgalore.com party room at 1PM est. Would love to see you all there. Lots of HUGE discounted items, I think you will be surprised. we have over 80 items up for auctions, so please come join us, this will be a terrific way to start your Christmas shopping. If you would like to join us as a seller plz send me a msg and we will take care of it NOW! Questions about the auction, YIM crafter6901 Plz Pass this around! TY

So you see I a passing it around. Christmas is a good thing to shop a bit by bit for so we are not so rushed during social party season. Good deals can be had and so I look forward to seeing new names and perhaps it will lead you to a profitable association or just plain good deals.