Friday, March 21, 2008

Well, this is something!

I am very active on the web and over time some sites kind of fall by the way side. I just got a notice from where I had a warning and then boom a termination notice. So having sent them an email saying ok, I just talked about what was going on in my life and that mentioned the things I do online and that must be what is the problem. I told them most of the people that contacted me were out for sex talk and stuff and I found that harrassment. I do have a few friends that I had there that I keep in touch with elsewhere so that is not a problem there.
I just checked and it is listed as banned. hahahaha I made the last entry a year ago. They sure are on the ball.

Personally I think my lack of activity and the fact I did not pay to upgrade and stayed free irked them. So sad that they lost one lady and maybe a few more and the site will be more populated with perverted types. Oh well, like I said I did not go there anymore and even this blog had been on the back burner.

You see I had to work in the real world more since I lost the part time job I had worked at for a long time that made enough to keep this second income contributing.

Have been working as a temp and inteviewing fairly frequently but nothing real yet. I am interviewing this morning for a new custodial job. I think my girlfriend and I will work together again and that is great for both of us. We work so well together the job gets done and no complaints. Nice when that happens and it can be a benefit to any company.

Well, hopefully I will get this blog going again and I really do hope life is treating you kind. Being Banned is a such a negative thing. Just wanted to remind you all that the net is littered with such bad things. May you have much luck in keeping away from the sites and people online that are just not good for any of us.

Thank you for reading.

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