Thursday, August 7, 2008

The price of fuel has me thinking, what about you.

The ridiculous gas prices continue to fluctuate and are a part of the political campaigns now. I have found it a new thing when I am trolling about the web and attending some of the sites I regularly do that they are offering gas cards. Well if we do things online, like try things out and buy items we are interested in, that we would normally do anyway, I think that they can be a great addition to the 'money' we make online to help our real world lives at the following and other sites for gas cards.

Check out this site!!! Exxon Mobil Gas Card

For my Canadian friends!! Check it out! $500 Gas Card

Here is one for the United Kingdom for my friends there. Check it out! The Fuel Card Company

Finally for my Australian Friends. Check this one out! Giveaway Cafe

So hopefully this is not the least of all the chances for us to put our hard earned dollars to use keeping our vehicles fueled up. Unless I get a real job I will not be buying a hybrid since the cost will out of reach for me and mine. If you are like me then we can use these cards to get about when we have to drive.

Other sites offered as comments are truly welcomed. Let us help one another.

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