Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cellphone income for you?

Amazing things can be found all over the place if we just look. Cellphones are becoming more and more common and so you might wish to check this out. . At this link there is a FAQ at the bottom you can get more information from too.

Wireless is the link my friend gave me to share with you since I offered to blog for him. I do not have a cellphone since my land line is cheaper by far. Being unemployed and striving to get my income online now my blog will get more attention.

There is a video to watch if you are interested though the first link in this blog has a nice thing to watch. WirelessRep and is the other link he gave me to use in this blog.

You might think about this if you are way into technology and many of your friends use cell phones. Good luck in finding out if this is an opportunity that you might make some cash from.

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