Saturday, November 22, 2008

An online thought of the day!

Every now and then during our regular activity on the net we do come across things that give us a positive moment, a cause to go hmmm or something like that. Well, this time I found this.....


find some art etc.

Put your own thought with it or your own poem or on your blog and leave link here..

This is at the Multiply site which also has suffered for my attention due to moving and scrambling for earnings and such. This caught my eye so I thought I might share my pic and thought and see what you might have to say, or maybe you could do something similiar at a site where you belong to already.

Here goes,

My wish is that we all get the chance to avoid the hassle and frazzle of holidays during the shopping, cooking, family and schedules. If you do end up frazzled and dazzled then I hope you can look good doing it. Find time for yourself, little moments that will give you the pause to collect and keep on your path winding through the holidays. Take care and laugh much.

Ok, you see how easy it can be. I hope you have very happy holidays.

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