Thursday, July 9, 2009

How much sugar do you eat?

I have found a new site that might be interesting. We are what we eat and this site though not all inclusive it is a site that can give you an idea what is being taken in by our bodies. Also they do not have natural sugars and added sugars as the labels do not yet do that either. I would really like to see that on the labels.

This link takes you to the beverages, poke around and see what is in fruit, cookies, etc.

Have a look and hope it opens a door for you to better and healhier living if you would like to improve your life.

Thanks as always for reading.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sometimes our methods are on the other side of the law.

My daughter, the writer, is very news houndy. She found this artle online and read it to me. We laughted, laughed and wondered all about these folks. I would like to write to them but not sure how to get their information. Read for yourself and please leave a comment. Seems pretty timely to me.

There is even a few comments last I looked and folks are pretty easy going about this.

Once again, something that I thought you might want to know.

During this economy let us not forget our pets!

I do troll about the web and this one came to me. I belong to several groups and when I saw this I thought is very pertinent to the times. Good luck if you have pets, they are well worth keeping as a member of the family.

Below is a comprehensive list of pet financial aid-related organizations, listed alphabetically by state.
If your organization is offering assistance (such as pet food, discounted veterinary services including spay/neuter, temporary foster care, etc.) to individuals facing financial difficulties due to the current economic situation, please let us know about your programs by emailing foreclosurepets@ humanesociety. org (humanesociety. org)

Vet care/cost help and affording your pet links at the site.

Renting With Pets: The Online Resource for Rental Managers and Pet Owners

Here are a few more sites that are worth a look if you need any help!

a.. IMOM Inc.,

b.. Help-A-Pet,

c.. The Pet Fund,

d.. Lost this one due to the economy

e.. United Animal Nations LifeLine Fund,

f.. Angels for Animals, Could not get the page to load.

g.. Brown Dog Foundation,

h.. Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program,

i.. Feline Outreach, felineoutreach. org

j.. Cats In Crisis,

k.. The Perseus Foundation (Cancer specific), PerseusFoundation. org

l.. Canine Cancer Awareness, caninecancerawarene

m.. Cody's Club (Radiation treatments),

n.. Lost this one due to the economy Muffin Pet diabetes fund

o.. The Mosby Foundation, themosbyfoundation. org

p.. Magic Bullet Fund (Cancer Specific),

q.. The Binky Foundation,

r.. God's Creatures Ministry Veterinary Charity, http://www.all- creatures. org/gcm/help-cf.html

So this is a good spot to start at. Remember also that if the economy has not touched you then I wholeheartedly suggest and expect you to donate to one or more of these fine organizations. Perhaps start with one of the ones on hold due to the slow down in the economy.

I hope you have a beloved family pet or two and that life is treating you and them very well, despite all we are going through.