Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For those that have a hard time hearing on the phone.

I have found a free and non downloading application that could help a loved one or even you and in time myself to know what people are saying on the phone.


Whoever chooses to use this will need their cards since they have a 10 digit number to dial in when calling the user of this application. Sort of like a calling card I think. More and more of us are getting older and loss of hearing is something we will probably have to deal with on some level. Especially those with LOUD cars, those the use the earbuds or other musical listening device too loudly. Teaching my son and daughter to use sign language, I had a deaf friend once, and know that they will need that skill to help others in the future.

So check it out and share with those that could use this. I know I will keep it handy and hope others like it spring up and fill all our needs in the future.