Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not into Politics?

I have someone that might be interesting to any one of us. Read on please.... David Jon Sponheim is running for President of the US in 2016. Sarah Hart is his running mate. On this show, they talk directly with you. We are running under America's Third Party. You can find out more about us at - We are centrists - fiscally conservative and socially liberal. We have great ideas to improve America: from a Homestead Renewal Plan to an Ocean Pipeline. They talk about so much more than this and is quite interesting. The site has a part where you can find where you can see this guy in action. Talking the talk and with our help walking the walk. Definitely one of the interesting things I have found on the net. It sure is becoming more and more of the go to source for more and more of our daily lives and learning and support. I encourage you to check it out, you never know how this might be of value to you or anyone you might know.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Due to our new social climate....

I know that the media is all abuzz with the latest tragedy and I am heartsick over it. Not sure why we all cannot just get along. Alas we cannot and chances are now that any one of us could end up in the middle of some problem or another where you need to help or at least take care of whomever you are with. I found a couple of sites that can teach you methods of responding to injuries If you can’t get in-person training classes which is always the best way and costs money, check out the online TCCC References and the Combat Lifesaver Home Study Course. Both are free although the second on is a pdf you can access on flash drive if needed. I hope as usual that you find this useful and I am grateful for you reading my blog which I don't post to quite often enough. I pray for you safety always.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Do you have unused, unneeded or expired medications you don't know what to do with?

If you have medications that are laying around and for whatever reason you need to get rid of them, please do NOT flush them down the toilet or toss in with trash. Both ways get them into our environment and does no one any good. You have other options. Wherever you bought those medications may have a take in method where if you turn them in to them, they will dispose of them properly. If they don't try CVS, Rite Aid or WalMart even. The local police will probably help you out especially if they are narcotic type of medicines. They have ways to dispose of them safely too. In the event even the police is no help then try this link and check out how they might help you. So I hope this fits a need in you or a friends life. Taking care of important things sometimes is what you need information for.