Monday, July 28, 2008

Corrective Eyewear!

Having gotten my glasses online at and saved money doing so. Just a bit over 100 dollars for my well complemented wire framed glasses which also happened to be bifocals. I have happened to come across where you can get contacts online and save money the same way.

It is They have 70 per cent off and many if not all name brands. They are a secure site and BizRate has an icon there. Says Shopzilla Gold Merchant when I hover the mouse pointer over it.

If the question has popped into your mind while reading, the answer is that you can get your eyes checked and prescription written local and then come online to order your glasses or contacts. Very easy to do and you are legally allowed to walk out of the EyeDoctors office with prescription in hand for corrective lenses.

While gas prices are undulating at a high level and we all strive to live a normal life while negotiating our bills and food purchases, it is good to save money on the necessary things that many of us need to live a daily life.

Next time you need glasses or contacts... Check them out and save some dough!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Helping our service men and women!

I have come across a site where we can support or military men and women in keeping connected to us here at home. Check it out.
The USO is still working and I find it to be a real good way to be a part of this military action whether you agree with it or not. Our folks that are over there need us to help them make it home again. A small way to help them and reach out to help.
Easy to contribute and a good idea since they are not any government, they are an estblished agency that provides even toiletries and things that the brave men and women need. Consider it and I hope the war!? ends soon!