Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Here is a detoxing patch that you can use!

If you are into health and natural things then this is an idea that seems old and is totally new to me. At first I wondered how it would be used since it is used on your foot. Thinking of feet encased in the shoes and you all know what goes on in there.... Well this appears to help all sorts of maladies where you might be suffering. Perhaps it would work as a preventative. Here is the information. You decide for yourself.

The Verseo Detox Foot Patch is an all natural patch that amazingly extracts heavy metals and other forms of toxins from your system while you sleep. It uses all-natural ingredients at the optimum blending ratios. Japanese scientists took over 24 years to develop this detoxification technology.

It can be used for te relief of pain and discomfort of arthritis, to improve the immune system,increase vitality and energy, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your circulation and improve sleeping, enhance your mental focus and concentration, soothe those awful headaches,increase your vitality and energy.

This is from the site verbatum: How does it work?
Basically, the Verseo Detox Foot Patch provides a "One-Two Punch" as it gives you an unparalleled detoxification and cleansing experience.

First, it contains Tourmaline which is a mineral found in Brazil. Tourmaline possesses a unique property of emitting far infrared rays, which generate negative ions. Negative ions are known for having a soothing therapeutic effect on your body, which explains why people feel so relaxed after a rainstorm or being next to a waterfall. When worn on your foot, the negative ions stimulate acupressure meridian points for various vital organs. This improves circulation and detoxification activity in your body, and at the same time helps you get a deep, relaxing sleep.

Second, The Verseo Detox Foot Patch contains a wood vinegar essence. Chinese villagers have known for thousands of years that the sap from Oak, Beech, and Sakura trees make a potent topical salve for treating infections and irritations. Scientists have discovered that a highly processed formulation of these ingredients has an amazing ability to absorb toxins right through your skin.

Ingredients: Dextrin (vegetable source),Eucalyptus,Globulus Wood Vinegar,Agaricus Mushroom,Menthol (Peppermint),Tourmaline (natural mineral),Silica Dimethicone, Silylate

The Verseo Detox Foot Patch will detoxify your system, restore balance to your nervous system, boost immunity, improve metabolism and circulation, and assist your body in healing itself.

The Verseo Detox Foot Patch may be applied to many parts of the body but you will receive the most dramatic results by applying them to the soles of your feet. Why? According to Chinese medical knowledge, our body has over 60 reflexology meridian points on the soles of the foot. Known as the "second heart", they are the reflective zones of our major internal organs. And, because gravity and your body's own natural defense system move toxins away from vital organs, your feet become a "storage pit" for these heavy metals and toxins.

The true test is to try them for yourself. Before going to bed, simply apply the patches to the soles of your feet using adhesive tape (included). In the morning when you peel off the patches, you'll see all the toxins that were extracted from your body.

It is listed on the site that the kit contains 30 detox patches. Daily usage is recommended for first 8 weeks of treatment. Afterwards, use between once and four times a week, depending on your need. The cost mentioned on the site is $39.99 and 1-877-261-1570 is their phone number if you wish to give them a call. They have an unconditional guarantee. http://www.verseo.com/detox.html

Once again this is something that I came across and thought about sharing with you. If anyone has used this I would really like to know how it worked for you.


Anonymous said...

Love these!! They work really well for me!

Anonymous said...

I'm really amazed ,they make u feel cleansed , pain free.love them