Sunday, July 29, 2007

Do you listen to Internet Radio?

I know that I have listened and enjoyed the Internet Radio very much. It came with a toolbar from a site that I belong to and I think that a wonderful medium is under attack. Like alot of the things we have done online freely and unencumbered, yet frowned on and attacked, we can actually do something about this and here is a site that will get us together and help save Internet Radio. Therefore setting a precedence that we the people have opinions and rights on the web.

There is information and ideas on how to stand up for our right to sit down at the computer to enjoy it in all its abilities. At least when it comes to Internet Radio.
From news about the status, who in Washington is listening is on this site. There is even a coalition that can be joined. This cause is also able to be supported by anyone in the world with access to the internet. Check it out and lets help ourselves keep this piece of valuable internet usage.

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