Monday, July 9, 2007

Do you enjoy books?

I belong to a site called BookCrossing. We are a bunch of avid readers and find that the thrill of 'releasing' a book into the 'wild' is an adventure. I have even found such a book in a library book sale. A way to find a book for free, just invest some brain cells and effort and nowadays a bit of fuel. This site is international. It lists many countries from around the world. That impresses me.
Join free and get to know other people like you that have a love of books. Check it out!!

How to Support BookCrossing
Your BookCrossing membership is free, but operating this site isn't. Besides the ever-growing bandwidth and hardware costs, we've got a valuable team of dedicated IT professionals working hard behind the scenes to make sure this global traveling book registry remains stable, fast, and online forever.

Our long-term goal is to keep BookCrossing memberships free forever. To do that, we need your help. Please consider supporting our efforts with a small purchase or donation at one of the following places. Every little bit helps, and we appreciate anything you're able to do.

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We have affiliations with these other websites that help us, but we have no way to track orders there for the Wings program. For the booksellers on this list like, any purchase you make there after starting from one of these links (or a link next to any of the hundreds of thousands of books on our site) will earn us a small commission.

Our Affiliates program gives you opportunities to explore other internet sources and support BookCrossing at the same time. Please recognize that these sites are run completely independently from BookCrossing and that your interactions with them are completely separate from our site and our Supply Store. If you have questions or concerns regarding an order placed via an affiliate, please contact their site support directly. Although we would like to back our affiliates 100%, we hold them accountable directly for all their business interactions with you. Thererefore, please note that members purchasing items through our affiliates do so at their own financial risk.

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Thank you so much for your ongoing support! You really can make a difference.

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