Saturday, November 24, 2007

Shopping for Christmas

My friend has a store on line and I have ordered some things from her and am so happy with them. I got myself some chimes now that I have a porch and they are terrific. I even got some that match my daughter favorite sheets, with the moon and stars!!! Also received some incense which I am much into. The prices are really reasonable and her service has been fantastic. In fact she bent over backwards I must say when I did not pay when I said I would. My bad, I had lost my job. Well, that all worked out and I hope that you find it in you to check her out. Leave me a comment on how you like her things, or if you order. Christmas is coming and it would be good to save some dollars and help this lady out. She needs a bit of encourgement and I wish to help her all I can.

She says she has a new slide show there. Those are cool to view many products easily.
You need to shop by December 5th on the main part of the site at
If you shop a bit later then try the address of

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Sherry said...

Hi, I was on Yuwie at the blogging club and saw your post. I wanted to stop by and see your site. It is very nice.