Monday, June 4, 2007

Found a service that can help you advertise etc.

Well, here comes another goodie I have found. Life sure can change quickly and now this is one of those useful things that you can utilize at the level you can afford and desire. Check it out and see it maybe it could be a tool in your arsenal for exposure, sales and whatever other creative thing you could think of.

FeedBlitz in a Nutshell

FeedBlitz is a service that monitors blogs, RSS feeds and Web URLs to provide greater reach for feed publishers. FeedBlitz takes all the headache out of converting feed and blog updates into email digests, delivered daily to subscribers' inboxes. FeedBlitz manages subscriptions, circulation tracking, testing, and is compatible with all major blogging platforms and services such as Blogger, Typepad and FeedBurner. Unlike other blogmail services, FeedBlitz is reliable, scalable and fully supported. No betas, wish lists or road map items here. You're in production, and so is FeedBlitz.

FeedBlitz also enables end users to monitor any feed or blog, anonymously if they wish, regardless of whether the publisher of that feed is using FeedBlitz. FeedBlitz therefore provides a simple way for users to receive updates from their trusted sources using a familiar and ubiquitous medium - email.
FeedBlitz is privately held and managed from metro Boston, Massachusetts.

Why FeedBlitz? Trust. Reliability. Quality.
FeedBlitz was born to deliver easy-to-use, full-featured, email publication, syndication and subscription services to everyone, based on a technology called RSS. Working with FeedBurner, TypePad and other partners, FeedBlitz has grown to become the leading RSS to mail provider for bloggers, professionals and businesses today.

Publisher Services
Independent sources show that adding an email option to your blog can boost your readership by over 50%, and a typical site may experience a 30% boost in active subscriptions. RSS, weblogs and feeds can be too much for many users - many of whom are interested in your content but aren't using an aggregator. Email, on the other hand, is ubiquitous, easy and understood by everyone.

FeedBlitz enables you to bridge these worlds. Because FeedBlitz manages subscriptions, unlike your blog service or feed XML file, FeedBlitz gives you unparalleled information about your readers (that's direct access to *leads* for corporate bloggers). FeedBlitz is also provides circulation metrics to other services, such as FeedBurner, so for the first time you can see for the first time the full reach of your content. Premium plans will be available shortly to enable you to customize FeedBlitz emails, turning your blog into a fully featured, easy to manage and affordable newsletter engine. Read more about syndicating your blog to email with FeedBlitz.

If you use Google Adwords, are an Amazon affiliate, or take advantage of any other form of Internet monetization capability, you know that qualified, repeat visitors to your site is the best way to maximize your value. FeedBlitz personally delivers your content to your best and most qualified readers, increasing readership and your potential revenue stream.

Subscriber and Reader Services
FeedBlitz enables you to gather blog and RSS content that you want quickly, direct to your in-box. No applications to install, no complex procedures, no annoying ads. Just your content, delivered daily, in an easy to read Email (text or HTML format - your choice). Not only do you a get a clear and concise email every day, FeedBlitz subscriptions provide a great way to keep your colleagues up to date on industry news, or to get RSS updates delivered to your mobile phone, BlackBerry or PDA. If you don't want your email address shared with the feed publisher, you can always subscribe anonymously and preserve your privacy. Find out more about subscriber services.

In the Driving Seat
FeedBlitz was created and is currently managed by Phil Hollows. Prior to FeedBlitz, Phil was a senior executive in the enterprise software industry.

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