Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A company worth a look!

There is a site that you can check out with the silky and natural fibers of clothing and nightwear and even other things. They are environmental minded and that is refreshing in this day and age. You pay for quality and they are very service oriented. http://www.dreamsack.com/XQ/ASP/1.Info/QX/Index.htm

Here is what she says on her site.

For a number of years my husband and I worked overseas. Our family traveled extensively, especially through Asia where sleeping accommodations were often rough. I made bed liners from old cotton sheets, but they were heavy to carry around. Because of my experience living in China, I was hit with the realization that these liners would be more comfortable, lighter, and more compact if they were made of silk. I had been a teacher in China, and after graduation one of my students worked in a silk factory so she and I worked together to get the first order completed. Friends and family liked them. Then word began to spread and now DreamSacks are used by travelers all over the world.

People that had DreamSacks called and said they liked sleeping in DreamSacks and asked if would we make some silk products to use on their beds at home. I remembered being in China and seeing silk comforters. I thought these sounded wonderful, so I worked with a factory to adapt the idea for the USA market. In addition to being soft, luxurious, and soothing, silk also helps people who are sensitive to chemicals or who have allergies. Being a natural fiber, silk is hypoallergenic, and feels restorative next to the skin. Chinese lore has it that sleeping on silk helps prevent wrinkles and “bed head”.

Through the years, DreamSacks has continued to evolve. We decided to expand our offerings to include products made from other natural fibers beyond just silks. We now offer an array of products made from Silk, Bamboo, Soy, and Cashmere. Recently, DreamSacks launched BambooDreams - a line of loungewear, nightwear, and yogawear made from 95% bamboo/5% spandex. We will be following the introduction of the bamboo clothing with bedding: sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers, all made of 100% bamboo.

We feel very fortunate to develop relationships with the factories that produce our products and with the people who buy them. We visit the factories often and work only with places that provide a safe and friendly work environment for their employees. The dyes used to make the brilliant silk colors are free of hazardous chemicals and meet the strict environmental standards the Europeans require for dyes.

For our customers, we strive to be a valued provider of products that comfort and nurture. Here are some of the responses we have received from happy customers: “The silk comforter feels like heaven.” “DreamSacks make one feel so spoiled and pampered.” “There is an extra dimension of warmth and friendliness with these products. Bravo!”

Whatever products you choose, we know you will enjoy our natural fibers. We appreciate your business as well as your feedback and suggestions.

Sweet Dreams,

Nancy Morgan
DreamSacks Inc.
125 Clear Creek Drive Ashland OR 97520 USA
800 670 7661 info@dreamsack.com

So these appear to be great even for camping and all other other enthusiasts. Just a thought since I too go camping and maybe be investing in a couple of items from this site. Happy shopping.

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