Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You never know who we will meet.

I belong to a site called Flixster and have enjoyed it since it deals in movies and trivia. Good pictures of our favorite characters too.

Well, I met one person at the site that has a business and after some discussion I have offered to blog about what he does. Here is the link http://www.telecentre.org/profile/TomSparrow

That is the page he gave me a sort of link to and thus I have saved you a bit of trouble to find it yourself by providing this link to the main page. At tThat page you go to, it will have links to the actual website and his blog about his business. If you want to try a new business this just might be what fits you to a T.

Obama is fiddling with the health care system and I have always thought that outside medical access was a good back up. You would have it and make some money helping other people during this time too.

Tom is a hand's on kind of guy and if you need help to get this started he would make a real good mentor for you. So give it a try or at least look at it and see if it might be of value to you and yours.

Thank you for reading my blog, all you that comment and contact me, I thank you.

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