Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Something I found that is quite interesting.

Well a couple of days ago I joined at a site and found that I could be paid for things that I already do and it might replace another site the promised pay for participation and then did not continue in good faith The link is http://www.yuwie.com/yuwie.asp?r=60484

I blog and get viewed and so that helps me online endeavors that I already have. I share my pictures that mean something to me and that helps too. I leave comments and that helps my friends and in return they help me. So there is no end to the earnings. The site is a couple of months old and so maybe you have not heard about it. The video I viewed about it told me all I needed and I had hope that my friends that are already there would type out what they were doing and how it was benefitting them. I am a really busy lady and so I needed to know how much time it would demand of me. Thus far is is minimal and I can take as much or little time as my schedule permits. So check it out and of course let me know what you think of it. I am enjoying myself and hopefully as usually I can earn my own way.


Oh, almost forgot, the layouts are about endless I think. That makes it much more personal for you. Good luck!

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