Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I wear glasses and until last year they were not pretty. The cost at The Eyeglass Factory, E.B. Brown Opticians, WalMart, or anywhere else where often 200 or more dollars. Then you also paid for the exam in most cases. I have found a company that once you have a prescription for glasses you can go online and get, like in my case, bifocals for 138 dollars. Of course I paid for expedited shipping to try and get them before my vacation. Didn't work for me however they have been the best glasses and I am so happy with them. Saved money and they are cute. People say they look good and that is good enough for me. Won't you give it try the next time you need glasses. Here is the information!

39DollarGlasses.com provides both great products and service.

Included in every order:
An extensive selection of fashion-forward frames featuring light and thin lenses with UV protection and scratch coating and this includes Safety glasses, I got a pair for my hubby for 119 dollars.
Access to the SmartFit™ system that provides customers with a fun & quick way to customize and view their selections
100% quality guarantee
A great and affordable price, just like I have detailed.

Got a couple of coupons for you....Use just one!!

http://www.10% Off Any Purchase at 39DollarGlasses!
(discount applied at checkout)

http://www.$10 Off Any Purchase at 39DollarGlasses!">10% Off Any Purchase at 39DollarGlasses!">


Marcia scott said...

This is very good information I will check it out and tell my Husband I don't have Insurance so this might work for me. thank you for information.

Willowlady said...

Glad to be of service!

Anonymous said...

This is indeed a great offer, but I still prefer pinhole eyeglasses instead of regular eyeglasses.

Willa said...

Thank for the information!! 39DollarGlasses offers high quality materiel products... I personally got lenses with UV protection at affordable price from here!!