Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Are you concerned about GMO products?

In the event you are concerned with eating, drinking and using GMO (genetically modified organism) foods then I have a link for you. A chart that can be printed and carried with you while shopping and then you have an idea of which products are potentially harmful I have known for a long time that if you cannot pronounce a substance then it is probably man made and no longer good for healthy functioning of our bodies. I believe that this lack of caring of what we put into our bodies has lent itself to the obesity problems and declining health of our nation. So on to the link. I hope it is helpful and if you do not care, then I hope what you intake never harms you.


Knowledge is a key in our lives and one I wish more folks knew about. I hope this is interesting enough to start a conversation with your people that you live with, work with and play with. Might be a good thing that occurs for you and yours.

Thank you for continuing to read my blog, this a grand thing to be able to share and sometimes be of help. Have a good day no matter what you do.

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CINDY and BUDDY said...

Wonderful Idea for a blog! I appreciate the info and links on the subjects. I thank you for following my blog. Do you have a facebook account? If so I am running a free event there to show how Lgn's compensation plan works. Also I have another blog at cynthiamargaret.com you may like and leave comments on subject matter!