Sunday, October 7, 2007

Credit card

I don't normally approve of having credit cards although they seem to be such a necessity so it is with pleasure to write about my Discover card. This is why! I had a fire in April and lost everything including my Discover card which they sent a limit I wanted. When I was settled into a rental and I called them, they sprund to action and told me how sorry they were for my difficulties. They ended up overnighting my new card since I do business online and that would allow me to continue to do the things I do. They also sent me a years worth of statements since I am a real record keeper. They have done wonders for my opinion of having credit cards.
Lately, I have gotten into a bit of a bind when our bank fee'd us practically to ruin. They are no longer our bank. They shall remain nameless since bad publicity can be good publicity. Well Discover has authorized a hold on my account per my request until I am paid which I have just done and changed my banking information. They provided me with a direct link so I did't have to click mutiple times. Anyway, now my payment is made and the interest rate has been dropped to give me more opportunity to pay on my bill.
I have to say they are great! If you need a credit card then PLEASE consider getting a Discover card. I cannot say enough about them.

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